Thursday, September 19, 2013

Call it crap

Never wanted to look back. I thought I have successfully quit blogging. But, no.. Answers need to be given for questions that were never asked, but conclusions that have always been made.. When I am unable to figure myself out, others did. Pretty cool.. Isn't it? Forced myself to take a night out of my life and spend it over the judgements that have been made about me.. the conclusions people have arrived at.. Turns out, i used to judge myself bad, worse and people would reject saying I am a gem :D But, now.. after a quite long time, when I look back.. when i take a glance over things/people i missed back, they aren't lost yet.. But.. whatever.. I have been hiding myself under the blanket.. Never wishing to see sun.. Never wishing to live a day.. Being thankful for the room i am sharing with myself and myself alone.. Lost all my senses of beauty, emotion, relationship and crap.. and now.. yet it blossomed altogether.. what i've been missing? The voices from where I have always stayed drunken.. Some incomplete pages of my life.. Should i need to scribble more? I believed, it's rather better to let it rest than spoiling the beauty of it.. I was wrong.. Should i've spoiled everything back there, so it wouldn't show up again.. I am getting used to this boring/usual life.. never expecting miracles..but yet it happens.. 

Resembles everything in my sight

I inspired people to leave -- Can never put it any better.. Wah!! Loving this. I inspired people to leave.. But yet few managed to stay.. Yes, they did.. I feel sorry for them, yet it's another story.. 

 The all alone midnight quest has been really alone, for sometime.. Nothing like my past, where someone was always there to make sure it's not all alone.. When i am pretty sure that things I am running behind ain't gonna take me anywhere.. even if it does, doesn't count for me.. I am still running.. but why? Have left much behind and yet this, now.. Nothing will quench my thirst.. I am aware of the fact.. yet another life.. yet several lives.. how long should i run, before i fucking quit.? There is no answer..


  1. Damn its just a few minutes past 4am.. got another hour or more for my alarm to go.. but what keeps me awake at this time.. what makes me grab my phone and type this comment now.. why every single word that I read from the posts here last night keep striking my mind even in my sleep.. all I can think about now is how I had mischievous smiles and giggles sharing comments with a friend every time I went past the so called author of these posts but now am afraid I might turn into a poisoned stalker.. ;)

  2. You suck and so does your blog and so does your ex and the one before that too

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