Thursday, July 28, 2011

I miss when....

Just found #imisswhen as TT in twitter.. penned something in minutes and made it as my first post here.. have a look..

 #imisswhen i was there all alone.. sitting in the terrace.. bathing in the moon.. dissolving with the music.. and exploring the world, my way..

#imisswhen i was a kid and everything went my way.. like.. there were people who made it work my way.. Now, why i've grown up? and why do i hate kids?? maybe bcoz i can't be like them anymore..

#imisswhen i was the last soul to be awaken in such a splendid night..

#imisswhen i could see my personal cemetery..when twas for a moment i'd buy some sleep..

#imisswhen you used to say me 'get some sleep' and i'd reply u 'send me some'..

#imisswhen time, circumstance or whatever that kept myself away from people and yeah!!.. night was so close to me..

#imisswhen i wrote some stuff and you'd say (or) maybe you'd lie 'its the best'..

#imisswhen someone demands me to share about some precious moments and my mind would go dark.. pouring some memories.. me, my darkness and a space where u could fit in..

whatever i've taken from u, people..precisely.. from The World..

now.. here i am.. Me.. Me alone.. bonding with the immense energy of universe and marching towards the dream i am yet to pursue.. 

now.. at the origin of my career.. doing Linux..

Indebted to the world from where i took a helluva things and now.. its my turn to give out something in some form.. So, finally.. here i am.. breathing Linux..